Improvement in Dynamic Clustering using Genetic Analysis Based Mechanism

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Volume 3, Issue 2 (February, 2017)
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Pradeep Kumar, Harpreet Bajaj
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Dynamic clustering is one of the best mechanism that is employed in wireless sensor networks. This mechanism helps in identifying the cluster head for the new rounds in the wireless sensor networks. Cluster formation is basically used to reduce the complexity of a sensor network. In our work, we have improved the dynamic clustering frame relay nodes based approach to select the best sensor node amongst the sensor nodes of the cluster. For doing so, we have used the Genetic Analysis approach. We have improved the dynamic clustering frame relay nodes based protocol by using the Genetic analysis based approach. For showing the results of our simulation study, we have used Mat lab r2008b simulation tool. Genetic analysis is used to find the optimized result out of all the possible cases based upon the fitness function which is formulated on the basis of various node parameters.

Wireless sensor network, Dynamic clustering, DCRN, Genetic Analysis, Optimization