An Enhanced Approach for Highly Reputed Authenticated Routing in MANET

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Volume 3, Issue 7 (July, 2017)
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Gagandeep Kaur, Prof. Jasdeep Singh
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In the mobile ad hoc network, security is an essential parameter to provide secure communication between mobile nodes by establishing robust and unobstructed routes. The traditional methods provide several parameters to ensure the transmission securely but most of their focus was on the distance parameter. The node taking less distance from source to the destination was chosen as a relay node but a system cannot rely on a single parameter for the selection. Consequently, a single parameter cannot assure the effective transmission due to which a new protocol has proposed in this paper. The proposed protocol enhances the selection of relay node using different parameters such as load, Residual energy and the PDR. On the basis of these nodes, a particular node has selected as a relay node and chosen as an intermediate node for the transmission. The experimental analysis has performed using the proposed method and results have acquired in terms of PDR and Throughput. From the attained results, it has concluded that the proposed protocol outperforms the traditional protocols concerning efficiency and security. 


Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs), Security, Attacks, QoS

Tags Associated: MANET QoS Security Attacks