A New Era To Handle The Critical Sections Problem Using Token Based Scheme

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Volume 3, Issue 7 (July, 2017)
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Radhika Singla, Er. Sushil Kamboj
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A Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a self configuring infrastructure-less network of mobile devices connected by wireless channel. It is an autonomous system of mobile nodes and associated hosts which collectively form an arbitrary and dynamic topology. In distributed mobile ad-hoc networks, processes must share common hardware or software resources that assist each other to work independently at large scale. Further, the access to a shared resource must be synchronized in order to ensure that, at any given time, only one process utilizes the available resources. Each process has a code segment called a critical section (CS) for accessing the shared resource. Therefore, coordinating the execution of critical section is a big challenge. The problem can be handled by providing a finite-time mutually exclusive access to the CS. Also, each process must request permission to enter its critical section and release the same after exiting CS. The mutual exclusion problem states that only a single process can be allowed to access a protected resource, also termed as a critical section, at any time. Mutual exclusion is a form of synchronization and one of the most fundamental paradigms in computing systems. The main objective of an arbitrator is to grant permission to the incoming requests in order to enter into the Critical Section (CS) by forwarding incoming requests to the node that will consist of the token, which in turn will reduce the response time, Synchronization delay and message complexity. In the thesis, the research work is proposing an optimizing Distributed mutual exclusion algorithm for critical section problem. Moreover, the research work is also analyzing the performance of the proposed algorithm on the basis of execution time, synchronization delay, normalized average time and energy consumption.

MANET, Critical Section, Mutual Exclusion, Token Ring, GME, WSN.