Searching Of Web Pages by Using the Page Rank Algorithm

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Volume 3, Issue 8 (August, 2017)
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Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat, Ridwan uz zaman, Priyanka Mehta
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Due to the advancement and development of technology, internet is a global system which connects /interconnects different computer systems by using the TCP/IP protocols, in order to connect the various devices worldwide. The internet consists of World Wide Web (WWW), Public and Private Connections, Peer to Peer connections, telephony etc. The web pages may or may not be interconnected to each other by links present on them. For this purpose, using the Search Engine to find out the only efficient and useful pages. This Search Engine actually does two different types of operations such as, Crawling and indexing. Crawling means to explore the WWW in search of Web pages and download the relevant pages from the internet and these pages should contain the useful information, required to a particular client. While as, indexing of pages is done by indexer to manage these pages, so that pages having more relevant information should be on top. The main objective of the proposed research is to develop an improved version of the page rank algorithm. So this research, proposed a system that calculates the Page rank of the Web pages and also there is a comparison shown between the proposed system and the existing one. Proposed system uses the inbound and outbound links of a page to calculate the page rank of a particular page. Finally, we can say on the bases of the proposed research, we can design and develop an improved page ranking algorithm and also to enhance the process of calculation of page ranks and show accurate results. The proposed research also analysis and show the comparison between the proposed and the existing one. In order to perform such type of operations, uses the different types of steps such as, Study and Review of the Literature of the Page Rank, Problem Identification and Objectives, Design and Development of Proposed System, Working and Analysis of Proposed System and validation.

Crawling, indexing, Page Rank Algorithm, Search Engine, NetBeans, Java, HTML, DFD, E-R Diagram and UML Diagrams.