A Robust Multimodal Biometric Traits Using Iris and Fingerprint Fusion

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Volume 5, Issue 6 (June 2019)
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Rajat Maltania, Harjot Singh, Jaspreet Kaur
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The Biometric systems are the skill for legalization or arrangement of various individuals using person’s physical and behavioral personalities. Though these schemes are more sheltered compared to the conservative processes like key authentications, password, they also experience many limitations like noise in the data, intra-class difference and spoof occurrences. One of the explanations to these glitches is to deal multi-biometric schemes also in these type of systems various foundations of biometric data are used. This paper deals with the fusion approach using extraction of feature vector for biometric traits of human in terms of iris and fingerprints and the performance is evaluated in terms of high recognition rates. The proposed system shows the robustness in the recognitions of the unique individuals using their iris and fingerprints fusion process.

Multimodal Systems, Biometric Fusion, Fusion Levels, Iris and Fingerprints, Biometric Traits.

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