Design and development of overhead detection and improvement system for AOP

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Volume 2, Issue 8 (August, 2016)
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Jashandeep Kaur, Rasbir Singh
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In software engineering the problem of cloning is very common. Most of the developers who are indulge in coding phase of the SDLC tries to copy the code which occurs again and again in code. Hence it is difficult to maintain the cloned data. It is not easy to recognize the original and copied data. Hence to solve the problem of cloning in system code, large number of techniques is developed. Clone detection models in UML inspect duplicate parts in the software, which can be rephrase and lower the maintenance cost. The technique used in this deals with the class diagrams of AOP system. This technique is an aid to detect the overlapped activities before completion of the SDLC process. In this two files are compared for the purpose of detecting the ratio of cloning among both of the files. The files compared in this are XML files. The efficiency of the technique is proved after simulation. Hence it is observed that the technique of this is much better than the traditional techniques for removing or detecting the cloning.

Indexed Terms:
Unfied Modelling Language (UML), Clonning, XML, clone detection, activity diagrams, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).