Automated formulation and prioritisation of test path using UML and AOP

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Volume 2, Issue 8 (August, 2016)
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Ramanpreet Kaur, Rasbir Singh
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Testing phase is the crucial or important part of the software development life cycle. The software testing team has totally different work to perform as compare to other departments or teams. The professionals are hired to perform testing phase efficiently. Test cases are considered to perform testing of the software efficiently. Test cases are assumed situations or values which are applied to the software for the purpose of testing. Many techniques are developed to generate various test cases for software. In this the proposed technique deals with the automated test case generation of XML file. In this first of all the XML file act as input to the system and then XML parsing is performed to get the extracted data of XML file. Then on the basis of the results of XML parsing the tree is created by applying the DFS i.e. Depth First Search algorithm. The efficiency of the technique is tested after simulating it. The results and discussion section shows the implementation results of the technique.

Indexed Terms:
Testing, Unified Modeling Language, APO, Depth First Search, System development life cycle.