Dual Layered Response for WBANs based upon Authentication and Authorization Layers

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Volume 2, Issue 9 (September, 2016)
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Abhishek Sinha, Dr. Raman Chadha, Chander Prabha
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The holter is the device used for the purpose of heart rate computation from the patient’s body and deployed on the patient’s body. The proposed model has been designed for the authentication level security between the cloud based healthcare record management service and the wearable body sensor deployed on the patient body (Also called holter). The proposed model uses the strong authentication keys encrypted using the double layered encryption architecture, which is specifically designed for the proposed model. The proposed model adds the two-level security for the transmission security, which uses the secure initial setup phase and key exchange model at the second level. The proposed model has been tested for the transmission delay added by the encryption, decryption and key exchange process. The proposed model adds the minimum possible delay in the time-based periodic authentication mechanisms. The proposed model performance has been evaluated in detail using the various performance parameters. The experimental results have proved the efficiency of the proposed model in protecting against the external threats.

Healthcare networks, Holter communications, Cloud platforms, Network Security, WBAN security.