Predicting Students’ Performance Using Classification Techniques in Data Mining

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Volume 2, Issue 10 (October, 2016)
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Mukesh Kumar, Prof (Dr.) A. J. Singh
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Role of education is very critical for the development of any country.  So it is the responsibility of each and every person to do something for the betterment of education. Taking this fact into consideration we start working on the education system. Education system ranging from basic to higher education. Now a day education system generates a lots of data related to student. If we cannot analyze that data properly then that data is useless. With the help of data mining techniques we can find the hidden information from the data collected for the different educational setting. With the help of that information we can review our educational process or make improvement in our education system. Here in this article we are considering a case of an engineering college student and try to predict the final result in advance. The result of the prediction provides timely help to those students who are on risk of failure in the final examination. There are different techniques of data mining are available and we are using J48, RandomForest, and ADTree to predict the performance of the student in their final examination. On the basis of this predication we can make a decision whether the student will be promoted to next year or not. We the help of the result we can improve the performance of the student who are on risk of fail or promoted. After the declaration of the final result of the student, result is fed into the system and hence the result will analysed for the next semester. The comparative result shows that, prediction help in the improvement of overall result of the weaker students.

Data Mining, EDM, Decision Tree Algorithm, J48, RandomForest, ADTree.