An Approach for Intrusion Detection System using Genetic Algorithm with SVM classification

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Volume 2, Issue 12 (December, 2016)
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Jaspreet Singh, Sachin Majithia, Dr. Shashi Bhushan
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 With the increasing network day by day, there’s a threat to security of data. It's vital to keep up a high level security to confirm safe and sure communication of data between numerous organizations. However secured digital communication over net and the other network is often beneath threat of intrusions or attacks or viruses. That’s why we tend to uses the intrusion detection system that is needed part in terms of computing world and network security. There are numerous approaches area unit used for intrusion detection, however we tend to use the factitious intelligence based mostly techniques, appreciate genetic rule. Thus mistreatment the factitious intelligence techniques, observation a group of attributes from network traffic and separate the traditional traffic from the abnormal traffic. Several different intelligence techniques are used for intrusion detection appreciate mining techniques, neural network, mathematical logic, association rule mining, self-organizing map techniques. During this paper, we tend to use the genetic rule intrusion detection. Genetic rule provides the optimum resolution and high detection rate and also, the expected outcome spice up the performance higher than the existing models, which is measured by probability of false alarms, probability of detection, recall, precision, etc.

Intrusion detection system, Genetic rule, false alarms, Probability of detection, Recall, Precision.