Comparative Study And Analysis Of AODV AND OLSR Protocols In MESH Networks

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Volume 1, Issue 1 (October, 2015)
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Shivani Kukreja, Dr.Parminder Singh
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Wireless mesh Network is an emerging area in the field of Networking and it has been applying in Mobile commerce, entertainment and education. This topology defined not only networking devices but interfaces with hardware and software for calculating frequency, bandwidth and network load. This paper highlighted the Ad Hoc on demand protocol i.e. reactive protocol for managing routing table, path and Node management. The other protocol named optimized link state routing protocol had used to update and maintained the routing table whenever changing the routing topology. The IEEE 802.11 standard has been studied and deploying with these protocol for comparing and optimized the performances of the network. The proactive protocol refers to OLSR protocol had many advantages over AODV protocol because this protocol work under many critical conditions like topology change, buffer overflow and routing table management. The paper covers the all terms related to wireless mesh networks and found that OLSR protocol gives better results than Ad Hoc on demand distance vector routing protocol.



Mesh, AODV, OLSR, 802.11, Routing Table.

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