A Novel Method For Enhancing LEACH Protocol With Traffic Management System

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Volume 2, Issue 4 (April, 2016)
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Chanchal Mahajan, Maninder Kaur
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Since the advent of the trend using Wireless sensors networks at different work places, field etc. LEACH has been one of the prominent protocols that have been used for the purpose of routing of and all. Many advance protocols like ELEACH, EBCH also exist. But out of them all the ELEACH protocol from many years have been the most common choice for doing some advancement. The scope of our dissertation extends itself to management of load and congestion of traffic on nodes. There are schemes like we are taking as base for our work i.e. EBCH which is traffic distribution protocol which splits up the traffic in different routes; but even after distribution some time resources are not properly utilized. To improve upon those wasted resources is our scope and aim in this work.

Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH), transmit diversity, virtual  multiple input multiple output (MIMO), wireless sensor network.

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