Implementation of Model Cloning in Software Models using UML diagrams

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Volume 2, Issue 4 (April, 2016)
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Jashandeep Kaur, Rasbir Singh
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As model based development in the software field is increasing rapidly. Clone detection is emerging as an active research area. Models are integral part of the software development. The maintenance of the model designed is very important. One of the major problems that occur when the model is designed is cloning. Cloning is process of creating the copies of various elements of the model. Clones are divided into two code clones and model clone. Model cloning is the process of development of the duplicate parts of the models. Code cloning is the process of duplication of the code .The cloning results in the increase in the maintenance cost of the model and also increases the probability of bugs in the system. So the detection of the clones is the important process. In this paper a detailed study of the cloning is presented. Along with this the major causes of the creation of clones and various methods of clone detection have been discussed.


Clone detection ,software  development ; code clones , model clones .

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