Adaptive Gaussian Filter Based Image Recovery Using Local Segmentation

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Volume 2, Issue 1 (January, 2016)
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Sumeet Walia, Sachin Majithia, Jaskiran Kaur
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Image restoration is an important branch of Image processing, dealing with the reconstruction of Images by removing noise and blur from degraded Images and making them suitable for human perception. Any Image acquired by a device is susceptible of being degraded by the environment of acquisition and transmission. Removal of noises from the Images is a critical issue in the field of digital Image processing. So, we propose a new model of Image content restoration based on the Hybrid Regression which uses iterative block based model of genetic learning by using the fittest neighbor modeling of the Image frame data under observation using patch order kernel filtering with frame cross reference sing for dependent estimation of pattern to be restored and determine the intensity of the filter. The paper shows evaluation of the proposed method in comparison to previous approaches.

Keywords : Restoration, DWT, filtering, histogram filter, degradation, HVS

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