Multiple Parameter Based Resource Allocation Algorithm in Cloud Computing through Auctioneer

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Volume 2, Issue 3 (March, 2016)
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Reeta, Reena Kaushal
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Cloud computing is a model that is dynamically, delivered the software applications and hardware infrastructure as the services on the internet to the Cloud users. Clouds provide the services such as virtual servers, storage, application development, design, and testing and these services can access by multiple users at anytime and anywhere. Some time multiple clients send their requests simultaneously for the same resource therefore, it also faces some problems like scarcity of resources, security, fault tolerance and resource allocation. The optimal resource allocation and resource management is must to avoid these kinds of problems. Numbers of authors have proposed their techniques for resource allocation, from these some are market based resource allocation technique. The proposed algorithm is on the basis of Auction based techniques. In this paper, number of users can send their request for the different resources with multiple parameters. Seller and buyer has different point of view, customer wants to buy the resource with less price and seller wants to sell their resources with profit so, some techniques are based on the user point of view and some are based on the seller point of view, but the proposed technique beneficial for both because here providers and users send their bids and requirements to the auctioneer. This method dynamically calculates the price, gave the discount to the users on basis of time, and penalize to defaulter provider. Experimental result of this shows it also reduces the SLA violation, VM migration, and Execution time.



Cloud Computing, Resource Management, Resource Management, Auction.

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