Energy Optimization of Leach Protocol in WSN Using NS2 Simulator

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Volume 2, Issue 5 (May, 2016)
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Navdeep Kaur, Ranbir Singh
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Wireless Sensor Network is built of more than a few nodes where each node is linked to one sensor. The main challenging task in this network is lifetime and energy consumption. The LEACH protocol is energy efficient protocol to reduce their energy consumption different modes is applied on the sensor nodes. These modes are sleep, Active and ready mode. These modes are applied on LEACH protocol and this enhancement is called RFID protocol. The main problem exists in RFID protocol is of clock synchronization due which packet loss happened in the network which reduce network performance. To overcome this problem, proposed contention Avoidance Algorithm (RTS /CTS) .In this technique cluster head nodes send RTS packets containing a NONCE feed to all its cluster members. The member nodes would adjust their clocks according to the feed and revert back with CTS packets are synchronization their clocks. The proposed technique has been implemented in Network Simulator. The graphical results show that proposed technique performs batter than LEACH, RFID protocol in terms of throughput, energy and packet loss, Delay and control overhead in the network


Wireless Sensor Network, LEACH protocol, R-LEACH and Contention Avoidance Algorithm.

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