A Review Paper on a Novel Cluster Based Approach for Preventing DOS Attack in VANET

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Volume 2, Issue 5 (May, 2016)
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Gaurav Sharma, Maninder kaur
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This research is to classify Vehicular Ad hoc Network is like a fork to Mobile Ad hoc Network, where the nodes are mobile vehicles moving in constrained road topology. VANET networks are envisioned to be used in practical ITS systems around the world. A network standard has been developed as Wireless Access In Vehicular Environment (IEEE 802.11p) to be used in VANET which is an amendment to IEEE 802.11 standard. With every new technological applications especially computers and network applications, come new security challenges. Every network in modern day is susceptible to security attacks and VANET is no exception. The most infamous of those attacks is the Distributed Denial of Service Attack which is unavoidable because unlike other security attacks the data packets used in it are legitimate packets.

VANET, vehicular communication, network, security, DDos

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