An Adaptive Zone Routing Protocol Based on Node Mobility and Traffic Load in Mobile Adhoc Networks

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Volume 3, Issue 11 (November, 2017)
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Pradeep Kaur, Sushil Kamboj
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Networking is an important part of technology as all the present infrastructure is depending upon this. Moreover, the present world is shifted from the static network to the wireless and specifically ad hoc networks due its number of advantages. Mobile means moving, ad hoc means without any specific structure. So MANET or Mobile Ad Hoc Network is a kind of network in which the nodes i.e. the moving entities have no particular structure rather they are connected by wireless links. In the proposed research work, we have tried to improve the performance of zone routing protocol by including load factor and traffic factor. This process will help for beer for performance in densely populated network so that the nodes are not overloaded. As we know that ad hoc network nodes’ are resource constraints, the load balancing must be taken care in all circumstances.

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