Comparative Analysis and Prevention of DDOS Attack in Sensor Network

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Volume 3, Issue 10 (October, 2017)
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Karandeep Kaur, Er.Varinderjit Kaur, Dr.Naveen Dhillon
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Wireless sensors are smaller in size but used in many of real time applications like military applications, surveillance, medical applications and many more. These sensor devices almost used in many of such areas so the vulnerability from outside attack usually. There are two kind of attack from the studies i.e. passive attack and active attack. Passive attack performs at the middle of communication line, the unanimous user listen the line and capture the packets. On the other side, active attacks modify the packet information and then transmit to receipt. In this Paper, we are exploring DDoS attack which leads to a passive attack and resulting accessing all information in the communication line. This attack compromised all the nodes (not target single machine) resulting network goes down. We are introducing the prevention method that prevent the attack – makes the network more stronger.


DoS, DDoS, smurf attack, Zombie, Ping of Death, TCP SYN Flood.