Speed Up Apache Server Performance by Using Heterogeneous Architecture of Content Delivery Network

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Volume 4, Issue 8 (August, 2018)
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Rajiv Gupta, Sukhpreet Kaur
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Cloud computing offers better computing through improved utilization and reduced administration and infrastructure costs. Cloud Computing is the sum of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Utility Computing. Apache HTTP Server, a modified version of the Apache Software Foundation’s HTTP Server that utilizes a pipelined execution of Apache’s request cycle. We discuss Apache’s original architecture, the modifications necessary for implementation of pipelined execution, and analyze its run time. Ultimately, we hoped to increase throughput of Apache but fall short because of unbalanced request phases and pipelining overhead. This paper discuss the basis for developing advanced and efficient content delivery solutions that are scalable, high performance, and cost-effective. It introduces techniques to enable coordination and cooperation between multiple content delivery services.

Apache, xampp, content delivery networks, optimization, client connectivity, client characterization, server adaptation.