A Review Swot Up On Survey of Data Safety Measures in Cloud Computing

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Volume 4, Issue 11 (November, 2018)
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Randeep Singh
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Cloud computing (CC) may be an assortment of assorted services for illustration code storage, network and hardware these variety of services square measure provided to user. Cloud storage is well access any place any time of the info as a result of cloud is figure in remote location. It uses the storage service provided by the cloud supplier. Information isn't secure within the cloud as a result of the unauthorized user will attempt to use of the non-public information. Thus providing the info security it uses the various secret writing techniques to safeguard the info in order that within the projected study it use the construction secret writing formula. Within the construction secret writing it combines 2 completely different algorithms for providing the higher security.


component; Cloud computing, Data Security, Encryption Algorithm

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