A Review Study on Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

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Volume 5, Issue 9 (September 2019)
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Dheeraj Singh, Kritika , Anurag Yadav, 4Abhishek Singh
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The idea of this paper is just an overview or a study on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).How it is important in present aspects of latest technologies and shows the difference between these two. AR and VR describe the main fields in which it is applied nowadays. Augmented and virtual reality has one big thing in common. They both have the remarkable ability to alter our perception of the world. Where they differ, is the perception of our presence. Virtual reality is able to transpose the user. In other words, bring us someplace else. Difference and similarities of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be discussed and this paper will provide an overview of them.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AR device, VR device.