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International Journal of Technology and Computing (IJTC)

An ISO Certified Journal 9001:2015
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IJTC Code of ConductFor authors
The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal is an essential building block in the development of a coherent and respected network of knowledge. It is a direct reflection of the quality of work of the author and the institutions that support them. Peer-reviewed articles support and embody the scientific method. It is therefore important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior. The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work and/or words of others, that this has been appropriately cited or quoted. An author should not in general publish manuscripts describing essentially the same research in more than one journal or primary publication.

For Editor(s) in CHief
The code set out standards of good editorial conduct. It called on editors to take seriously their role as guardians of technology by taking all reasonable steps to ensure that allegations of research misconduct are properly investigated.The Editor(s)-in-Chief should ensure that all articles accepted for publication in the Journal have been assessed in line with the Journal’s stated peer review policy. The Editor(s)-in-Chief should not make decisions regarding manuscripts about which they may have a conflict of interest.


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