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International Journal of Technology and Computing (IJTC)

An ISO Certified Journal 9001:2015
ISSN: 2455-099X


How to submit a paper in IJTC?

Submit your manuscript electronically via email to To submit a manuscript electronically you need paper in DOC/DOCX format.
Submit your article online though “Upload your Paper” option present on the right hand side of menu Author>Submit a Manuscript (

Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times.

How long does it take for paper review process?

Each submission undergoes detailed review by appointed domain experts and peer-reviews by domain peers. A minimum of 10-15 days is required to complete the review process.

Where can I find Author Guidelines?

Author Guidelines can be found at Author Section (For Authors>Author Guidelines

What is Processing Fee and how to pay Processing Fee of an accepted paper?

IJCT adopts open access journal publishing policy in which author or authors institutions is sponsoring the processing charges for the article. We are charging a nominal fee that is required to keep the journal operations running, being an open access journal this fee is required to manage various expenses that we incur regularly.

  • For Indian Authors: Rs. 3000/-
  • For Foreign Authors: USD 50 /-

There are two ways to pay fees:

Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?

No, Copyright Form shall be accepted by IJTC only if the submission is accepted for publication. Copyright Form can be download under Author Section using link

Is there any particular paper format of IJTC?

IJTC follows IEEE paper format. The format of IJTC Manuscript is given under For Author> Download Template (

Download the format and prepare the manuscript in the prescribed format.

Paper should be submitted to IJTC in DOC/DOCX format.

When is the next Call for Papers?

IJTC publishes papers every month. Authors can submit papers before 25th of month and after 25th paper will be published online in the next issue if accepted.

What is frequency of publications in IJTC?

Frequency of Publications in IJTC is Monthly i.e. a total of 12 issues per year.

What is ISSN of IJTC?

ISSN of International Journal of Technology and Computing (IJTC) is 2455-099X. IJTC is an ISO certified Journal (9001:2015).

Where can I find Copyright Form?

Kindly refer to link For Authors> IJTC Copyright Form ( If your paper is selected, download the Copyright Form from the page and send it at

How many authors are allowed per paper?

Three authors are allowed per paper. However, depending upon the merit of the research, appropriate relaxations are granted by the IJTC editorial panels but there is extra charges for the additional authors which can be found at For Authors> PROCESSING FEE (Online) link (

How many maximum no of pages allowed in a Paper?

IJTC allow the publication of a paper consisting of maximum of 8 numbers of pages. However, depending upon the merit of the research, appropriate relaxations are granted by the IJTC editorial panels but there is extra charges for the pages which can be found at For Authors> PROCESSING FEE (Online) link (

How much does time is needed to publish the manuscript?

IJTC team shall require a minimum of 10 days (from the date of submission of the proceedings' papers) to complete the publication process in online formats.

How can I know the status of my paper?

Please send us query by mentioning paper title along with paper ID to The editorial assistant will give you a promote response within 24 hours.

How to do post publication correction in my published paper?

Contact the editorial-in-Chief of IJTC journal at Mention the changes and provide the revised manuscript. There is post publication correction charges of Rs 500/- which can be paid online using link (

Why IJTC Publishes Paper at too low cost?

As we mentioned that IJTC is promoting as Eco Friendly Journal, All our task are done online, including submission of paper, review or paper, payment and publication. We believe eliminating use of paper in order to save environment, and hence the cost at IJTC is reduced by saving money of Printing/Publication. Hence the direct benefit is availed by our authors by low publication charges.



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Processing Fee

India : Rs.3000/-
Other Countries: USD 50